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Career Access &

Functional Education

Career Access & Functional Education refers to tailored educational programs and resources designed to equip individuals with practical skills and knowledge for the workforce. This approach focuses on enhancing career readiness by addressing specific needs, providing accessible learning opportunities, and fostering essential functional abilities that empower individuals to succeed in their professional lives.

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As a career and education consultant specializing in working with individuals with diverse challeges and disabilities, I provide personalized guidance to help adults improve academic skills, develop essential job skills, and achieve their overall educational and career goals.

Denver leigh phillips, mat, m.ed., ldtc

Mission & Focus

iTeach CAFE's Focus Areas

The mission of iTeach CAFE is to empower adults with disabilities to achieve their full potential in education and career development. At its core, iTeach CAFE is dedicated to providing personalized guidance, innovative strategies, and unwavering support to help adults with disabilities overcome barriers, build essential skills, and pursue fulfilling and successful professional lives. Through self-advocacy support, education, and a commitment to inclusivity, iTeach CAFE, strives to create pathways to opportunities and ensure that every individual has the resources and confidence to thrive.

Job & Career Readiness

Job and career readiness consulting equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the job market successfully. I provide guidance on resume crafting, interview techniques, professional networking, and career planning. My focus is to help individuals build confidence, enhance their employability, and achieve long-term career/job success goals.

Job & Career success

Job & Career Skill Success coaching focuses on developing essential professional skills to enhance career growth within a job placement. I provide personalized guidance on communication, leadership, time management, and problem-solving. This targeted support empowers individuals to excel in their current roles and advance their careers, fostering long-term professional success and fulfillment.

Academic & Vocational

Skill evaluation and Consulting

Academic and Vocational Skill evaluations assess individual strengths and areas for improvement or support in reading, writing, and/or math, as well as guide career planning for optimal personal and professional development.

Career Readiness

Job Coaching

Career Readiness training equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge, such as communication, problem-solving, and professional behavior, to successfully enter and excel in the workplace.

Job coaching provides personalized guidance and support to help individuals enhance their work performance, develop professional skills, and achieve career goals.

Job Site Evaluation

Job site evaluation assesses a workplace to ensure it meets safety, accessibility, and suitability standards for employees, especially those with specific needs or disabilities.

Academic & Vocational Evaluation

Academic & Vocational Evaluation assesses an individual's educational achievements and skills to guide personalized career planning and educational development.

Academic Tutoring / Training for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Academic tutoring/training for adults with learning disabilities provides personalized educational support and strategies to help individuals overcome challenges and achieve academic success.

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In-Person Meetings

In-person meetings offer a valuable opportunity for personalized assistance and clear communication. They allow me to better understand your needs, provide tailored solutions, and ensure a more engaging and effective support and training experience.

VIRTUAL Meetings

Virtual meetings provide flexibility, convenience, and accessibility, allowing you to connect with me from anywhere. They save time, reduce travel, and enable quick and efficient communication.

On-Site Evaluations

On-site work evaluations offer a thorough understanding of your specific environment and needs. I can directly assess conditions, identify potential needs, and provide tailored solutions. This hands-on approach ensures precise recommendations and optimal results, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your employment skills.

Career Exploration

Career exploration consulting helps you identify your strengths, interests, and goals, providing personalized guidance to navigate your career path. My consulting services offer insights into various industries, roles, and opportunities, ensuring you make informed decisions for a fulfilling and successful career journey.

Vocational and Academic Evaluation(s)

Vocational and/or Academic Evaluations provide valuable insights into your strengths, skills, and interests. These assessments guide educational and career decisions, helping you choose the right path. My personalized evaluations ensure you maximize your potential and achieve your academic and professional goals effectively.


Career readiness training equips you with essential skills and knowledge for the job market. It enhances your resume, interview techniques, and professional demeanor. My training helps to make sure you are well-prepared, confident, and competitive, paving the way for successful career advancement and job opportunities.

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About Me

I am an education and career consultant dedicated to creating access and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. When I am not championing inclusivity, you will likely find me kayaking with my family, traveling to new (or favorite!) cities, experimenting with healthy recipes, adding to my tattoo collection, and/or enjoying time with my friends, dogs, and chickens!

Professional Experience

With over 20 years in the field of special education, I have a comprehensive background as a special education teacher, case manager, school administrator, learning disabilities consultant, and educational diagnostician. I also served as the Director of Educational Services for a special education law practice in New Jersey. Currently, I am the Special Education Teacher Consultant and Transition Coordinator (New!) for Manistee County ISD. In addition to these roles, I am also a parent of adult children with disabilities.

At its core, my career culminates in a deep passion for ensuring adults with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities throughout the workforce and local community. I believe in and advocate for inclusive employment practices, believing in every individual's right to contribute meaningfully and thrive professionally.

academic experience & credentials

  • Associate of Arts - Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts - English Language and Literature
  • Master of Arts - Teaching

- Post-Graduate - Special Education

  • Master of Arts - Leadership

- Post-Graduate - Supervision

- Special Education Teacher Consultant

  • Doctoral Candidate - Special Education Leadership (ABD*)

  • ​Special Education Teacher Consultant (MI)
  • Learning Disabilities Teacher; K-12 (MI)
  • English Teacher; 6-12 (MI)
  • Elementary Teacher; K-5 (MI)
  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities (NJ)
  • Supervisor (NJ)
  • Elementary Teacher (NJ)
  • Teacher of English (NJ)
  • Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (NJ)

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